Hello, I’m Isabelle. I’m a photographer & interior stylist based in Antwerp.

I’m passionate about getting to know people.. Probably the most favorite part of my job.

I’m inspired by other creative minds and all the little moments that make you feel big things. Fascinated about finding something interesting in ordinary places and capturing moments the way I see them at that time and create memories that way. Intuitively and authentically.

With our creative studio we aim to collaborate with brands and companies who’s values go hand in hand with our mission. We believe in working in respect with nature and ecological health and we root for sustainable designs that keep our ecological footprint low.


Besides my work as a photographer I’m also passionate about interior design. Growing up with a father who was an antiquarian, I got my eye for authenticity, beauty and detail from home. As a child my mother always put cosiness first. There were always fresh flowers from the garden on the table and the candles were lit when evening fell.

At TATD studio our fundamental goal is to create interiors that bring our clients into a serene state of mind and help them to a simpeler way of living by bringing a wabi sabi culture into their home.


I'm married to Maxime, my rock for over 20 years and we have 2 children, Victor and Millie.

As a family we aim to go out on adventures as much as we can. With a vision to create a life of freedom and purpose over habits and routine. We take our children to end of the world and beyond to give them a life full of adventure and experience. Through a personal creative lens we love to share our travel stories with you.


Whatever that brought you here at TATD studio, I’m here to listen.