Coron, Palawan

The most beautiful tropical paradise we’ve ever seen and where our one-month journey through the Philippines started! We boarded a tiny propellor plane in Manila that flew only one hour to Coron Island. Max has a bit of flight fear and wasn’t so excited about the plane, but it turns out they are more stable than the big ones. :) Our first aerial view over Coron looked really promising.


We decided to leave the busy town of Coron for later and head straight for a quiet part of the Island, Busuanga. Our first homestay at the island was Cocovana Beach Resort, a beautiful family-run small resort with gorgeous sunsets, the best food, a natural mountain water pool, and bamboo huts directly by the water.


The town of Busuanga is a 6-minute tricycle ride from the resort, a peaceful village, cozy but otherwise nothing special to see. However, it’s nice to stroll around and talk to the locals, who are always so happy to welcome us.


The next day we headed out for our first island-hopping tour! On the itinerary, Black Island! This place was really the most idyllic place we’ve ever seen. Gigantic limestone rock formations cover the island and contrary to its name, Black Island has a picture-perfect white beach and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Once you’re on the island there are many hidden caves where you can swim and even cliff jump! The reef surrounding Black Island is amazing for shallow-water snorkeling.


After our three peaceful nights at Cocovana beach, it was time to move on to Coron town! We found this lovely homestay at the end of the town a bit uphill ( a tricycle to town costs 20 pesos a person, just stop one on the street any time ). Purple Homestay has basic AC rooms and a kitchen to use if you prefer to stay in for lunch or dinner. But Coron town also has many food options!



Most people visit Coron for epic island hopping, that was our plan also.
Various snorkeling tours on the beautiful reefs are possible on the island, you can kayak through the bluest lagoons and sail through the most epic sceneries. We chose ISLAND HOPPING TOUR B, which includes Kayangan Lake, Banol Beach, snorkeling at Skeleton Wreck, and twin Lagoon where we enjoyed a delicious lunch!


We woke up early in the morning and went to the market to get fresh ingredients for lunch. We had to wait on the dock for 2 hours before we got cleared by the coastguard, too bad because we were planning to beat the crowds. Because of our late departure, the lakes and lagoons were already very crowded, but still gorgeous. :) For lunch, our guide wanted to stop at a very tourist spot, as we booked a private tour we could ask him to search for a more remote beach for lunch. So happy we did so we had a relaxing lunch on a deserted and beautiful beach! :)


I hope you enjoy our Coron pictures!